7 Best No Rust Tea Kettle: Long-Lasting, Durable, And Quality Tea Kettles

If you're looking for a tea kettle that will leave your tea tasting great without the risk of rust. This article will go over the 7 best no rust tea kettles.

A tea kettle is one of the most utilized kitchenware. You can use it to boil water for hot beverages like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Kettles also provide a way to cook food such as eggs, rice, and potatoes. There are many different types of kettles, but most are made from materials such as stainless steel, copper, and cast iron. The kettle is an iconic symbol of the kitchen. For a kettle to work properly, it is important to clean it inside and outside. No one wants to drink tea from a rusty kettle.

Just because you can’t see rust on a tea kettle doesn’t mean it’s not there. So you think you’re safe from rusting? Think again. Rust is a form of corrosion that sometimes damages any metal, even stainless steel. In this article, I’ll recommend some no rust tea kettles. So that you can enjoy your hot cup of tea or coffee safely, save money since no rust kettles can work for longer than other kettles.

Types of tea kettle

There are mainly two types of tea kettles available: stovetop tea kettle and Electric tea kettle.

stovetop tea kettle

Stovetop Tea Kettle

It is a regular kettle that you can use on any stove. Whatever it is, a gas stove or electric stove. A stovetop tea kettle is a pot that is used to boil water. It is typically made of metal and is used to boil water for tea or coffee.

The most common type of stovetop tea kettle is made of cast iron. Cast iron is a dense metal that heats slowly but retains heat well. That makes it an idle material for a tea kettle, as it will maintain a steady temperature even after removing it from the heat. Other materials used to create a stovetop tea kettle include stainless steel, aluminum, and ceramic. Stainless steel is the most widely used durable, less rustable material and gives a solid finish in modern kettles. Some stovetop tea kettles have a whistling mechanism that allows you to know when the water is boiled enough.

Electric Tea Kettle

What Is an Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is an appliance that heats water to boiling point to produce hot water for tea, coffee, or other hot drinks. It is a type of pot typically made of metal or plastic. It has a heating element that boils the water and a switch that turns the kettle on and off. The base of the electric tea kettle has a cord for plugging into an electrical outlet.

Also, it has a heating element and a thermostat. Some models include an automatic shutoff feature that turns off the power to the heating element after a preset time. Most make a sound when the water reaches boiling temperature. And a few have a non-stick surface that is easy to clean and has a water filter. It is also used to heat water for instant noodles, tea bags, and hot chocolate.

Kettle Build Materials and Rust

When it comes to buying a new kettle, there are a lot of different materials to choose. From stainless steel to copper, there are many other options.

Here, I will go over each material. And I hope that will help you decide which material tea kettle won’t rust.

Stainless Steel Build Kettles

Stainless Steel Build Kettles

Stainless steel is the most widely used durable, less rustable material and gives a solid finish in modern kettles. Even though it is a restorative material such as food-grade 304 stainless steel that rarely creates a chemical reaction with beverages, we can blindly use it daily. The best stainless steel tea kettles are capable of much more than just making a nice cup of tea or coffee, and those should boil quickly and quietly. Then there’s the design to consider, stainless steel makes it pleasant to handle, light and simple to operate.

Copper Build Kettles

Copper Build Kettles

While they will not rust, older copper kettles are made of pure copper, which can lead to copper poisoning. A tin lining is usually used to protect your water from the copper in newer 100% copper teapots. However, tin is a very thin metal. There’s a chance it’ll scratch and expose the copper.

Cast Iron Build Kettles

Cast Iron Build Kettles

Did you say you wanted a no rust tea kettle? With a cast-iron kettle, you’re practically inviting rust. Even cast iron tea kettles with an enamel coating won’t save you completely. That enamel coating is highly prone to chipping, exposing the rust-prone cast iron beneath.

Glass Build Kettles

Glass Build Kettles

Of course, you don’t have to worry about rusting glass, but these kettles are much heavier than stainless steel and can easily break if heated too quickly. Even handling a glass tea kettle requires extra caution to avoid chipping it. You should also remove your tea kettle from the heat as soon as the water has finished boiling because continuous heat may cause some damage to the glass kettle. Also, glass does not retain heat well.

Ceramic Build Kettles

Ceramic Build Kettles

Few are ceramic build kettle. Ceramic tea kettles are great because they heat up to finish boiling in minutes and maintain heat for hours. Most ceramic tea kettles are electric. Ceramic is a non-reactive material that is most valued nowadays for its trendy quality instead of practical advantage.

What Causes Rust In Tea Kettles?

Before you toss out your old kettle in favor of a rust-free tea kettle, you should first determine whether or not the kettle is rusted. If you live in a hard water area, the buildup could be layers of limescale.

Rust can form in a tea kettle if the alloy used is exposed to moisture for an extended period of time. Rust is an unwelcome guest at the tea party, usually caused by allowing water to sit in your tea kettle for days. This isn’t an issue for most tea drinkers because they’re constantly boiling and using the water. But for an enthusiast or someone who likes to leave water too steep for an extended period of time, rust is an actual possibility. 

What type of no rust kettles do I recommend?

Tea kettles are made from a variety of materials. However, because you are looking for the best tea kettle that will not rust, all of the tea kettles I recommend are stainless steel or enamel on stainless steel.

Because of the presence of the element chromium in the metal combination that forms stainless steel, stainless steel does not rust.

When an alloy is exposed to moisture in a kettle, rust forms, chromium in stainless steel acts as a barrier, limiting water access to the tea kettle’s metallic surface.

So, I recommended stainless steel because it won’t rust.

7 Best No Rust Tea Kettle

There are many tea kettle options available, but these 7 tea kettles are the best if you want to avoid rust.

1Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle with iCool – HandlePykal Whistling Tea Kettle with iCool – HandleAmazon Yellow Icon VIEW ON AMAZON
2BELANKO Stainless Steel Tea Kettles for Stove TopBELANKO Stainless Steel Tea KettlesAmazon Yellow Icon VIEW ON AMAZON
3BELLA Ceramic Electric Tea KettleBELLA Ceramic Electric Tea KettleAmazon Yellow Icon VIEW ON AMAZON
4DclobTop Stove Top Whistling Tea KettleDclobTop Stove Top Whistling Tea KettleAmazon Yellow Icon VIEW ON AMAZON
5POLIVIAR Tea Kettle for  StovetopPOLIVIAR Tea Kettle for StovetopAmazon Yellow Icon VIEW ON AMAZON
6Hamilton Beach Gooseneck Pour Over Electric Tea KettleHamilton Beach Gooseneck KettleAmazon Yellow Icon VIEW ON AMAZON
7Le Creuset Enamel On Steel Whistling Tea KettleLe Creuset Enamel On Steel Whistling Tea KettleAmazon Yellow Icon VIEW ON AMAZON

Here you have the list of 7 best no rust tea kettles. To better comprehend their ranking, let’s take a closer look.

Capacity 3 Liters
MaterialStainless Steel
Product Weight3 Pounds
Dimensions8.7 x 8.7 x 9 inches
Other Features2 premium tea infusers free

The Pykal whistling tea kettle is perfect for any tea lover because this tea kettle won’t rust. It has a sleek, modern design with a stainless steel finish that is easy to clean. The icool handle is designed to keep your hands from getting burned by the hot water. It has thermal protection technology; after turning off the stove, the handle cools down in a matter of seconds. You don’t need to touch any of the kettle’s hot metal parts.

The Pykal whistling tea kettle has a loud whistle which can be heard from even another room when the water is boiled. The kettle is an excellent addition to any kitchen and is very beautiful. It is versatile, built with high-quality materials and durable. The encapsulated base of the kettle has an iron layer between two aluminum layers wrapped inside of the surgical stainless steel. You’ll get two excellent tea infusers, enough to make tea for you and your partner or a large group of people.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Polite and reliable supplier
  • Easy to fill, has huge capacity
  • One-year replacement warranty
  • Whistle can be harsh
ColorGloss White
Capacity 3 Liters
MaterialStainless Steel
Product Weight1.8 Pounds
Dimensions9.88 x 8.23 x 7.99 inches
Other FeaturesDiamond-shaped design

BELANKO Stainless Steel Tea Kettle uses professional food-grade materials and stainless steel craftsmanship to ensure that it is rust & corrosion resistant and heats up quickly. Every contact with water and food particles is certified as food-grade. Loud and automatic whistling catches anyone’s attention, even in a noisy environment. It prevents from forgetting to turn it off and drying the water up. This tea kettle is ideal for serving a whole family or party. The 3 Liters capacity allows reaching a span of about 10 cups in a single boil. The silicone-coated insulated handle allows lifting the teapot directly without risk of burns. Compatible with induction cooker, electric furnace, gas stovetops.

  • Easy to clean
  • Fully Sealed Lid
  • Gorgeous design
  • Loud whistling sound
  • Handle may get warm
ColorWhite Marble
Capacity1.5 liters
Wattage1350 Watts
IndicatorsLED, Click
Auto ShutoffYes
Product Weight5.99 pounds
Temperature ControlNA
Other FeaturesMade of Ceramic

The Pinky Up Noelle ceramic electric tea kettle is a modern and stylish kettle. This kettle is made of ceramic, which is durable and safe. The kettle has a 1.5 litres capacity, perfect for a small family. The kettle is easy to clean, and the cordless design makes pouring a breeze. The kettle has a simple on/off button that starts the boiling process with a single touch. It has a gooseneck style spout for easy pouring and makes pouring hot water safe. Water will never be tainted by plastics or other aromatic things for ceramic interior and exterior.

The kettle also shuts off automatically when it reaches a specific temperature. For the small size and ceramic structure, it looks gorgeous, and it can be the perfect gift item for all occasions, birthdays, weddings, and more.

  • BPA-free
  • No plastic
  • Stylish design
  • Hard to clean
  • Heavy weight
Capacity 2.5 Liters
MaterialStainless Steel
Product Weight 1.7 Pounds
Dimensions8.94 x 6.77 x 5 inches
Other FeaturesLightweight

DclobTop Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle appears with the Culinary Grade. The only kettle made with 18/8 Culinary Grade Stainless Steel. It is Made of 100 Teflon and BPA-free material that makes it safe and healthy for usage. Rust or corrosion resistant technology and a 5-layer mold process make it durable. Also large enough to fulfil an entire family’s needs. Streamlined long mouth and handle design meet gripping, pouring, and filling requirements. The silicone handle folds down both ways and allows to grab the kettle with bare hands without getting burned.

  • Mid-level weight
  • Good build quality
  • Compatible with any heat source
  • Hard to clean
ColorSilver Ti
BrandPOLIVIAR 7379
Capacity2.5 Liters
MaterialStainless Steel
Product Weight1.88 Pounds
Dimensions9.05 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches
Other Features100% Sealed lid

The POLIVIAR Tea Kettle for  Stovetop kettle is an excellent addition to any kitchen. The POLIVIAR Tea Kettle for stovetop is rust and corrosion resistant due to the food-grade finish and 18/8 stainless steel construction, also easy to use and clean. The tea kettle’s silicone-coated handle allows one to pick it up with bare hands without suffering burns. With plenty of background noise, loud and automatic whistling grabs your attention. The 8-inch base design on the kettle enhances the heating process and time. 100% sealed by self-sealing lead increases the efficiency of boiling. Suitable for any heat source, including gas, electric, induction, halogen, and radiant stoves.

  • Easy to clean
  • Fast heat base
  • Loud & audible whistle
  • Compatible with any heat source
  • Handle may get a little warm
ColorStainless steel
Capacity 1.2 Liters
IndicatorsLight and Sound
Auto ShutoffYes
Product Weight1.23 Pounds
Temperature Control3 Presets
Other FeaturesBoil-dry protection

The Hamilton Beach 1.2 Liters Electric Gooseneck Kettle is a rust proof tea kettle perfect for boiling water for tea and other hot beverages. The kettle has a gooseneck spout that provides a high level of control for pouring. The kettle is also easy to fill with water, due to its large handle and ergonomic design. Its heating element is highly efficient. The kettle also has a drip-less spout which prevents drips and keeps your countertops clean. It also features an easy press on and off button for convenience. This kettle is 1.2 litters, allowing you to boil just the right amount of water consistently, every time, and the high capacity makes it easy to serve a crowd.

  • 100% Stainless steel 
  • Enough storage for cord wrap
  • Very stylish cordless with compact base
  • Easy to remove and replaceable metal lid
  • Single wall build makes it dangerous
  • Auto-shutoff doesn’t work without lid
BrandLe Creuset
Capacity1.6 Liters
MaterialEnamel on Steel
Product Weight3.9 Pounds
Dimensions10 x 10 x 6 inches
Other FeaturesRemovable lid

The Le Creuset Tea Kettle is an excellent addition to any kitchen. Enamel on steel is used to make the kettle durable and long-lasting, which is easy to clean and heats water quickly. Also, a fixed single-tone whistle informs when the water has reached a rolling boil. For effortless lifting and pouring, the handle is attached to the kettle and is heat-resistant. The lid is removable round-shaped, and the phenolic lid knob always stays cool. It is safe for use on all heat sources, including glass top stoves. It can be washed with warm soapy water by hand only.

  • Heats water rapidly
  • Rust proof tea kettle
  • Whistle is pleasing to ear
  • Can’t put in the dishwasher

Final Thoughts

Pykal’s whistling tea kettle is my favorite because of its mix of an extra sturdy five-layered base, stylish appearance, substantial capacity, and added extras like strainers and a year-long warranty. However, if you wish to make tea for a large group, you might want to go for BELANKO Stainless Steel Tea Kettle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of tea kettle will not rust?
Made from high-grade stainless steel that doesn’t rust or stain, this kettle is easy to use and designed to last a lifetime.
Do all kettles rust?
No, primarily iron-based kettles rust.
Do all stainless steel kettles rust?
No, pure stainless steel kettles don’t rust.
Can I use a rusty tea kettle?
It’s not recommended to use a rusty tea kettle.