Electric Kettle vs Stove top: Which is the better choice?

This article is about electric kettle vs stove top kettle, and which one is best choice. If you are wondering about it, this article answers all your questions.

Imagine a beautiful morning, wake up, and get ready for work. You go to get your morning tea or coffee, but suddenly you realize you don’t have any tea or coffee left ready. You go to the kitchen, and a kitchen can be a busy place. Many appliances are used in the kitchen to make tea or coffee, and most of the time you’ve two options, you can use a stove top kettle, or you can use an electric kettle. A stovetop and an electric kettle are both excellent for boiling water.

One of the most common comparisons we get asked about is electric kettle vs stove top kettle, which one is the better option. To answer that very question we’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of both of these kitchen appliances mainly used for boiling water.

What is an Electric kettle?

What is an Electric kettle

An electric kettle is an appliance that heats water to boiling point to produce hot water for tea, coffee, or other hot drinks. Electric kettles are either cordless or battery-operated, with a cord that plugs into a wall outlet. Some models include an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the power to the heating element after a preset time. Most make a sound when the water reaches boiling temperature. And a few have a non-stick surface that is easy to clean and have a water filter. Electric kettles also heat water for baby bottle sterilization and steaming vegetables. It is also used to heat water for instant noodles, tea bags and hot chocolate.

Pros and Cons of Electric Kettle

There are some advantages and advantages to using an electric kettle. We are mentioning some important facts below.


Electric kettles heat much faster than other kettles and help us save time by instantly delivering hot water. You don’t need to worry about boil dry or massive power consumption because most electric kettle has sensors that automatically turn off heating or shut off when it reaches the desired temperature. Some electric kettles are designed to be travel friendly and can be powered by the car charger port.


The electric kettle is not as durable as the stovetop kettle. The most crucial point is that the price of an electric kettle is more expensive than a stovetop kettle. Also, an electric kettle can be a fire hazard if the cord is not properly tucked away. An electric kettle can be a safety hazard if curious toddlers/children around have access to it. If you don’t choose wisely then an electric kettle can increase your electricity bill. Even many users believe that the heated liquid’s flavor changes according to the material used to build an electric kettle.

What is a Stove Top Kettle?

A stovetop kettle is a pot that is used to boil water. It is an excellent alternative to the microwave because it doesn’t heat the water through a metal box. The most common material is stainless steel, with a spout and a handle. But some are made of copper too. It is often regarded as the most effective and efficient method of boiling water fast . It’s a popular kettle type because it’s easy to use and inexpensive.

The stovetop kettle is typically preferred by home kitchens and avid tea drinkers. You can prevent the temperature range by keeping the flame high or low instead of setting the temperature on your appliance or burner. These kettles are often made of copper or aluminum, which many cooks prefer because the material allows them to feel the heat more accurately, heats up more quickly, and cools down more slowly. Water temperature takes longer to change when the burner is turned on or off. It is also easier to maintain the desired temperature on stovetop kettles built with aluminum or copper

Pros and Cons of Stovetop kettle

There are many advantages and advantages to using a stovetop kettle. We are mentioning some important facts below.

Pros and Cons of Stovetop kettle


Stovetop kettles are a great way to boil water for tea, coffee, hot cocoa, and so much more. They are a great alternative to electric kettles, especially those who like to have an outdoor camping experience or live in an apartment with limited counter space. Most stovetop kettles are made with aluminum or stainless steel and are insulated to do their job as quickly as possible. It is less expensive than electric kettles. It is also easier to use and take care of. You can also boil water for a longer time.


The disadvantages of a stovetop kettle are that it is not as fast as an electric kettle, and it has a tendency to leave water particles on the sides. According to some tea enthusiasts, the removable basket used to hold the tea leaves has also been a complaint. It takes up more energy than a regular electric kettle. It needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure that the water does not rust inside.

Comparison of Electric Kettle vs Stovetop Kettle

Comparison of Electric Kettle vs Stovetop Kettle

Many people have a familiar debate about electric kettle vs stovetop kettle, which one is best. The stovetop kettle is a great invention. It makes boiling water so easy and fast. An electric kettle is also a wonderful invention that boils water faster and easier without any stove.

On the other hand, the stovetop kettle has a classic look and feel. The stovetop kettle is also more affordable for those on a budget. Though the stovetop kettle is a little more traditional in appearance, If you are willing to invest some money, the electric kettle is the best option given its speed, hygienic ability, and no risk of scalding.

The electric kettle is a must-have for anyone who needs hot water on the go. It’s perfect for the office, your dorm room, or making tea on the go. Some electric kettle has many more advanced features like dry boil protection, a temperature control system, and an auto shut off system, which will help you safely boil water. Smart electric kettles can be controlled with a mobile device.

Final Thought

The debate over electric kettle vs stovetop kettle, which one is best, is a personal preference. Some people like electric kettles because they are easy to use, but others prefer the stovetop kettle because it is more traditional. Though an electric kettle is more environmentally friendly, it is more expensive. If you have the money, you can buy both of them, but it is better to stick to one or the other if you don’t.

Electric kettles are great because they boil the water quickly and safely. Stovetop kettles are great because they’re cheaper and can be used to boil other things besides water. I hope now you know about the comparison of electric tea kettle vs stovetop kettle and will be able to select the one that will fulfill your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is electric kettle better than stove top?
Some people prefer the stovetop because they don’t like the idea of the electric kettle being plugged in. Others like the convenience of the electric kettle because they can just set it and forget it. But I think it’s a personal preference.
Is it cheaper to use electric kettle?
It’s a common misconception that using an electric kettle is more economical. In reality, it’s the opposite. The electric kettle is more expensive to purchase, and it costs more per use. On the other hand, the stovetop kettle is cheaper and more affordable.
Do kettles use a lot of electricity?
It is difficult to say how much electricity kettles use. Many factors can affect the amount of electricity a kettle uses. For instance, how often a kettle is used, the size of the kettle, and the type of electricity a kettle is plugged in.