Why Choose Electric Kettles? The #1 Way to Make Perfect Tea

Here I explain why choose electric kettles over other kettles. Also, elaborate on efficiency, advantages, health concern of an electric kettle.

A question arises – Why choose electric kettle? With the advancement of science and sophistication, the human lifestyle syncs with the modern era and experiences way more convenient, time-saving, and effortlessly conduct all the work with the help of modern gadgets. Like, an electric kettle is a piece of essential modern equipment in the kitchen and office, which offers more features than ordinary or ancient types of kettles. Preprogrammed function, overall accessibility, build materials placed electric kettle top priority list among the consumers. Here we share an in-depth analysis of why you should choose an electric kettle instead of others.

Young Housewife Is Choosing Electric Tea KettleYoung Housewife Is Choosing Electric Tea Kettle

An electric kettle is a device that consumes electric power and gives output as heat. Heat circulates into the beverage to brew at a selective temperature and also electric kettles allow you to directly perfect pour-over with accurate stem direction in the meantime. It gives you a precious cup of tea or coffee every time to enjoy every sip with total relaxation. 

Why Choose Electric Kettle?

First and foremost, a question arises why to choose an electric kettle, and it has a plethora of valid reasons like build quality. External and eternal appearances are more concerning and noticeable matter among the consumers who use them daily. Generally, the electric kettle is built with 304 stainless steel and BPA-free food-grade plastic, referred to by the health organization. The manufacturers ought to follow the health and quality control guidelines. Therefore, consumers don’t have any health concerns, and they feel safe using it with 100% assurance.

Also, the inside part of the kettle coating is vital for an accurate taste, the accuracy of heating, and the chemical reaction. For example, copper coating tea kettle creates health issues like the stomach and digestive system problems, a few of them are mentioned below –

  • Vomiting
  • Gallstones
  • Diverticulitis
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Luckily, electric kettles are made with a thin stainless steel layer coating, which prevents stomach and digestive problems.

Electric kettles provide a real-time temperature reading data through digital screens or displays, which also allows monitoring presets and preprogrammed functions. The display presentation and the switch of presets offer more flexibility than any other kettles in the market. Even some electric kettles are operated by mobile apps. Operate an electric kettle as efficiently as you like! That’s the key factor that makes it different from others.

In terms of presets, every preset offers a different temperature level which assures a perfect test of tea or coffee. For example-

  • Oolong  195°F 
  • Black tea  212°F
  • Green tea 175-180° F

Preset features are set to meet all requirements of the individual category. Also, the electric kettle has an auto shut down feature, which automatically stops heating when the water reaches the brewing temperature, and dry protection function (British Stix thermostatic technology) is included by default. An electric coil situated into the base that creates heat, a 360°accessible base, and cordless function gives the flexibility to move the electric kettle anywhere.

You can find many varieties of electric kettles in the market, but among them, gooseneck, stainless steel, and small-size kettles are popular. Here are some notable features of the most popular kettles –

Key Advantages of an Electric Kettle 

  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Cost-effective to operate.
  • The cordless feature gives freedom.
  • Aesthetic design and modern technology.
  • 304 stainless steel ensures that it is rust-proof.
  • Food grade materials and eco-friendly features.
  • Borosilicate glass-made kettles are scratch-proof.
  • The ergonomic lid gives counter gravity and flexibility for handling.

Final Thought

To sum up, electric kettles are considered an allrounder in every aspect of worthiness and daily use cases. Its features, build quality, and usability is renowned by consumers. I don’t see any reason to be reluctant from buying an electric kettle for your countertop. In fact, I desperately recommended it.

Is an electric kettle or regular kettle better?
It varies from person to person requirements. But, nowadays electric kettle is a better option instead of regular kettle due to its modern features, conveniences, and efficiency.
What are the benefits of an electric kettle?
The electric kettle has a plethora of benefits, but among them are ergonomic design, cost-effective, fast and controlled temperature, quality materials, operation flexibility more notable.
Is electric kettle consume more electricity?
Not exactly, it’s a myth. Most electric kettles have a 1500 W power consumption capability and it’s a pretty normal range among household items. Even electricity is more cost-effective than gas.